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Bob Brisbane 
Dear Friend:  

Google AdWords can be lucrative ... If you're an Internet guru. Why not avoid the stiff competition and keywords bidding with AdWords and place your tiny ads in targeted niche magazines for pennies on the dollars you spend on typical AdWords campaigns?

We're unlocking the secret vault of magazine classifieds because we've got a super tool that will help you make money while we make money, too.

You can literally turn back the hands of time ... Place your ads where they'll give you the most oomph and highest return on investment ... In national magazine classified ad sections!

Sell your own products or services or take your affiliate marketing to new heights with our unique software! Who else wants to unlock the secrets to success with magazine classified ads?

First, some perspective ...

Brief Classified Ads Backgrounder

Vintage Classified AdsClassified Ads have thrived for decades, even centuries because they are usually inexpensive and effective. Like the Internet of today, traditional classified ads have succeeded at matching buyers with sellers.

Early classified ads are a sort of time machine yielding historical clues into the details of daily life, routines and needs, such as clothing and tools. The first known handwritten notices to appear in public places were nailed to posts and walls, and date back to 15th century England. In the mid 1600s want ads for lost property were already common.

In colonial America, the first classified ads appeared in 1704 in a publication known as the Boston News-Letter. The ad asked readers to indicate if they wanted to list houses, property, goods or merchandise and offered reasonable rates if they decided to do so (from 12 pence to 5 shillings). The ad was so successful that the concept of advertising spread all across the globe. Lost and Found ads cropped up in various publications from the mid-18th through the 19th centuries. Consider the following ads, the first from The American Oracle of Liberty from January 1, 1778 and the second from The New York Times, dated March 22, 1865:

Quote Mark Found last week, a pair of SADDLEBAGS, containing a number of Apples, and other valuable eatables, &c. Enquire at Mrs. Jones’s Inn-holder, Worcester. Quote Mark 

Quote Mark LOST AN OPERA GLASS IN A BLACK MOROCCO CASE, was lost on Monday Night at the Winter Garden by the young Man who fainted. The finder will be Suitably rewarded by returning it to no. 59 Bleecker St. or no. 630 Broadway in the store.  Quote Mark

The Power of Classified Ads

Flash forward to today when online classified spending is on the decline amid the recession, while expected to remain steady at about $2 billion annually through 2014, and the print classified ads sector dropped from $10 billion in 2008 to $6 billion in 2009. However, the reduction in the value of the classified ads market is not a measure of the number of classified ads. There are still masses of them, it’s just that they cost nearly nothing to post, if you use Craigslist and similar online sites.

From this "perfect storm" of adversity in the newspaper and magazine businesses comes opportunities and rewards galore for individual marketers able to dabble in the online and offline twin worlds of classified advertising. Let others ignore print classifieds at their loss. Flex your marketing muscle, comparatively free of the competition rife in the online classified market and enjoying lower advertising rates, by using magazine classifieds to retrofit and focus your campaigns like a laser.

Introducing ...  

Magazine Classified Ads©  Windows 7 Compatible

Magazine Classified AdsWhat is Magazine Classified Ads? This is a new product that fills a big market void. It's a searchable list of hundreds of magazines with classified ad sections. The software lets you easily search magazines by name or category (i.e., women, automotive, sports, gardening). Because most products of this type focus on newspaper and online classifieds, a searchable database of magazine classifieds alone would be a valuable product. But this product does much more for you. Read on ...

With Magazine Classified Ads you can identify where you want to place your classified ads -- sometimes called undisplay ads -- and then you can write your ads right in the program. A running word count helps you quickly tally your costs based on rate card information available in the program. You can print your ads when done. You also can search for the most popular keywords associated with your ad and then insert them into the ad to increase their marketability -- and your profits. Sometimes you'll want answers to a question or two before placing your ad; this is easy to do as the program includes contact information for the various classified ad departments.

Use this product to sell eBay or products or your own online and offline products or services. It's especially effective for selling affiliate products! Why? Because traditional classified ads provide the same benefits as AdWords:

Traditional ads can be highly targeted to niche customers

Traditional ads, when written well, can attract the eye and increase sales conversions
Traditional ads can contain links to your affiliate products

All just like AdWords, minus the headaches.



Magazine Classified Ad Formula


Add this DaVinci Code of Internet Marketing Secret Techniques to Your Arsenal ... Switch from AdWords and other Pay Per Click Advertisers or Use Them As a One-Two Punch With Magazine Classifieds!

We're not knocking AdWords. A lot of Internet marketers make big money with AdWords. We have done so with the right campaigns. In fact, here's a screenshot of our success promoting a Clickbank weight-loss product.


But let's face it, with AdWords you must: 

Continuously monitor your and your competition's campaigns
Delete non-performing keywords and keyphrases, and try new ones
Adjust your daily budget based on various factors
Sometimes increase your budgets to increase click-through rates
Build landing pages to obtain a high AdWords Quality Score
Keep track of your sales conversions and return on investment

It can all be complicated and time-consuming. Not so, magazine classified marketing. That's because you only do a little work up front and then let the power of magazine classifieds do the rest for you. And by "work" we mean just choosing an affiliate product or otherwise to sell and then pairing it with a magazine of the same niche. For example:

  1. Find a hot-selling weight loss product on the Clickbank affiliate network 
  2. Then find a health/fitness zine using Magazine Classified Ads 
  3. Next, write your ad and send it to the magazine. 
  4. Voila! You're done. Just write it and forget it. No need to take anxious peeks at your AdWords spending two or three times each day 

Magazine Classified AdsYou needn't use Clickbank, of course. We mention it because we like CB's huge selection of software and ebook products. It's free to set up an account and fairly easy to make money promoting other products -- if you have software like Magazine Classified Ads. Here's a point to remember: infoproducts such as ebooks and software account for $10 billion in sales per year. Why not get a piece of that action?

Imagine a program that unleashed such power and return on investment, yet was so fast and easy to use. Imagine picking a niche magazine, writing a highly targeted ad, writing a check for $20 or so, mailing it to the magazine and then lounging in your favorite chair with your favorite beverage, comforted knowing your ads soon will be out there making sales for you. Imagine honing in on a niche goldmine and watching your mailbox overflow with checks even though your total investment was $20 and your total time spent on the ad campaign was maybe 15 minutes.

Screenshot of Magazine Classified Ads Program 

Screenshot of Magazine Classified Ads Program Interface

For those who are new to Internet marketing, no worries. This product comes with a video tutorial and printable guide. The video includes value-added tips for transforming your classified ad into a moneymaking machine. We'll even show you how to find the hottest CB products. Or for those seeking less competition, we'll show you how to identify forgotten or little-known products with less competition for affiliate paychecks. Would you like your own personal ATM in your house, one you can access in your pajamas?

It's all there in a step-by-step video tutorial. Many customers use the program with no help or instructions of any kind, but it's still nice to know help is available, if needed.

Summary of Product Benefits to You   Smiley Face

  1. Powerful marketing technique merges offline marketing with today's Internet phenomenons of Google AdWords and affiliate programs 
  2. Software's functions let you quickly search magazine names and categories, review rate card information, write your ads and insert popular keywords to increase sales 
  3. Promote affiliate products and there's no need for your own product -- that means no inventory or overhead. Ain't life grand? 
  4. Includes free updates to the database of magazines 
  5. A fair price within everyone's budget 

Niche Marketing


Magazine Classified Ads is very easy to install and use. It saves me a lot of time and money going to the book store or drug store, slogging through magazines for the information myself. The searchable database of magazines is itself worth the price. But with the ad creation tool, the 10 Tips to Magazine Classified Success and the keyword research tool all are very helpful and make for a great, all-around marketing tool.

Jane Thompson, Toledo, OH

The installation was a breeze and the program is very easy to use and very intuitive. I have been looking for a magazine classified ad database for some time now. I'm so glad I found Magazine Classified Ads. Thank you!

Brian Campbell, Atlanta, GA 

But That's Not All!

We strive to exceed your expectations. For one low price, you get not only Magazine Classified Ads but you also get not one but two classified ad-themed bonuses designed to make this product an even greater value to you.

Bonus One

Newspaper Classifieds Database

We're including, for a limited time only, a list of USA newspaper classifieds with a retail value of $257. Yes, unlike magazine classifieds, databases of newspaper classifieds are easier to come by. But such lists alone can be very pricey. You get this list at no extra charge. Now you can expand your printed campaigns to newspaper classified sections. Newspapers aren't as targeted as specialty magazines, right? That's OK, we'll show you how to geo-target your newspaper ads based on consumer buying habits for the types of products you're selling.

Nationwide Newspapers Program

Wait, there's more!

Bonus Two

Classified Ad Factory is software that guides you every step of the way toward writing great classified ads. Retail value: $12.

Classified Ad Factory                Classified Ad Factory

Let's sum up ... on top of Magazine Classified Ads, you're getting a newspaper classified list and classified ad writing software. The total retail value of these two bonuses alone is, conservatively, almost $275. That's a valuable triad of marketing tools!

The Whole Enchilada  Smiley Face 







Bonus One






Bonus Two

Classified Ad





Your 100% Iron-Clad, Risk-Free Guarantee


Purchase this product risk-free as we offer a full 60-day money-back guaranteee. If for any reason you are unhappy, obtain a refund through Clickbank, no questions asked.

Order Magazine Classified Ads Now 

Would you pay $97 for this product? How about $79? We are certain it's worth every penny. But we want to make sure individuals and small businesses can enjoy this product along with medium and big businesses. So we priced it accordingly at just $9.95! And you get two super bonuses valued at almost $275 ... if you act now! 


CheckmarkYes, Bob, please give me instant access to Magazine Classified Ads so that I may start using this valuable software to start making money with low-cost, low-competition, highly targeted niche advertising campaigns. Also, please include my two bonuses for ordering now. In return, I will pay you a one-time fee of just $29.95 $19.95 $9.95 via Clickbank. I understand that Clickbank allows me to pay using my PayPal account or a credit card, and that ordering is totally secure because PayPal uses industry-standard, military-strength encryption to protect data. I am aware of your 100% iron-clad, risk-free guarantee, which gives me up to 60 days to return the product for a full refund through Clickbank, no questions asked. 

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24/7 Instant Download Even If It's 3 a.m.

  Windows 7, Vista and XP compatible.

  Secure Download  Adware and Spyware Free

Trusted Site

Warm Regards,

Bob Brisbane

Bob Brisbane


NOTES TO CUSTOMERS: This product, Magazine Classified Ads, does not include reseller rights. Buyers are strictly prohibited from selling this product or giving it away. Buyers are also strictly forbidden from in any way copying or modifying this product, its software code or its list/database of magazine classified ad sections. We spent a lot of money developing this copyrighted product. We will report and prosecute any potential violators to the fullest extent of federal and international laws. Anyone who distributes illegal copies of the Magazine Classified Ads © software will be reported to their billing and/or hosting company for account closure due to infringement of copyright law. We will follow up with a federal copyright infringement lawsuit in accordance with the The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). To date we have successfully prosecuted two parties. Buyers may resell or give away the product's bonuses.

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